Moonlight + American Honey + Ratcatcher

The Oxford Dictionary of Film Studies defines haptic cinema as "a sense of physical touching or being touched engendered by an organisation of the film image in which its material presence is foregrounded and which evokes close engagement with surface detail and texture" -- but that was in 2012. Cinema journal authors have since expounded on this "visual mode of engagement" as a technique able to take place in various forms, with the key component being the inclusion of symbolism (or symbolic moments) inviting the viewer to contemplate the image itself rather than, say, being pulled immediately back into "momentum of narrative". In other words, there is a sense of "time spent with the subject" or "moment" where the viewer may become immersed in, or pulled into with concerted visual techniques such as those in sensorial cinema, to "go along with" the sensations and moments being experienced by the character.