Amélie + La Ciénaga + Talk to Her

As one 'captures' individuals when filming, it becomes possible to bring viewers closer to a sensory experience of the subject, both in terms of exaggerating the overall surroundings and bodily contacts with objects. Isolating sound, focus on hyper-colour, using swift shifts, long takes, gliding/coasting or still camera movements, and use of irregular angles, jump cuts, or music/sound, are all elements creating a 'sensorial' experience for the viewer; it can imply how the film subject is having this experience or how the director desires to the 'bring the viewer along' sensorily.  Perhaps, for creators to construct sensorial effect implies an awareness in formulating imagery with greater sensitivity of how the look and feel of things are perceived by subject/viewer and to register their intimate knowledge of the physical world through contrived allusion of bodies, space and the objects around them.