What Intersects with Visual Conversation? 

To conduct research on a collection of visual work such as film, the relationship between visual arts, theatre, and the narrative presentation -- to me -- is to ask what it means to have 'performance' in common. Many artists I've followed have continued to remain popular and prolific. The most inspirational/intriguing in my personal view, all mention 'involving the audience' and 'connecting with the viewer'; including many of my professors during my foundational studies, directors from my work experiences and recent professors that allowed me to audit courses in preparation for doctoral study in 2018/2019.  The presence of this continual phrase 'connection to audience' not only seems to function as an outlier signifying a creator's consistent desire to communicate, it inadvertently also serves as catalyst for communication. For, by recognising the act 'to involve the viewer' is in essence, and implies, the beginning of a conversation 'is intended to take place' across the medium of 'performance', albeit visually or textually.  The body of work from these well known artists, and selected papers about forms of written and performative cinematic expression (listed further below), are just a few influential perspectives expected to shape and inform final conclusions on the observations recorded during this course of research.     


Lucrecia Martel Interview for Rotterdam Film Festival (2018) Discusses her approach to film, where the visual world is best thought of as "fluid" rather than "static". (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKO0tBMIvZI) click start time @ 1:32:00

Arthur Jafa Interview for DesignArk Magazine on 'Not All Good, Not All Bad' (2019) Reflects on the sensation of 'feeling part of the footage' and also finding an 'objective space' as an editor. (https://dezignark.com/blog/arthur-jafa-interview-not-all-good-not-all-bad/) click start time @ 14:00

Alejandro Inarritu News Coverage on Reopening of 'Carne y Arenas' VR Installation (2021) Coverage describing a city bringing back the film directors immigration-experience installation designed in virtual reality, previously closed due to covid safety. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mROG812CaRI)

Ai Wei Wei Docu-Short on the Sunflower exhibit at Tate Modern (2010) Shares how he completed his commissioned work with 'his community' while under house arrest in China by paying local pottery artisans.(https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artists/ai-weiwei-8208/ai-weiwei-sunflower-seeds)

Marina Abramovic Lecture at The Rothschild Foundation on Re-Performing Her Life's Work in 2023. Explains her 'endurance performance' piece where she sat for 12 hours a day, for several weeks, meeting strangers who sat in front of her a few moments, sharing no words (https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibition/marina-abramovic) click start time @ 15:00 


"U" Exploring Self-Consciousness From Self- and Other-Image Recognition in the Mirror: Concepts and Evaluation (Conception of Self) 

"A" Haptic Visuality and Film Narration. Mapping New Women’s Cinema in Spain (Haptic Cinema Analysis) 

"R" Sensorial Thought: Cinema, Perspective and Anthropology (Sensorial Cinema Analysis)"

"E" Legitimation in Documentary: Modes of Representation and Legitimating Strategies in The Lockdown -One Month in Wuhan (Performative Analysis in Documentary)

"H" Visualizing Nonlinear Narratives with Story Curves (Film Narrative Alternatives)

"E" Feminist Film Theory (A Brief Introduction) 

"R" Light in Dark Spaces: A Review of Allan Sekula and Noel Burch's film essay "The Forgotten Space" (Re-Analysis of Artistic Spacial Components in Cinema) 

"E" Photography and Film in Nineteenth-Century France: Negative Space Performance and Projected Unreality (Spectatorial Relationships with Early  Visual Arts)