Cindy Sherman + Pina + Ana's Bushcraft

Contrast to 'performative documentary' -- where filmmakers use their own feelings to obtain emotional responses from viewers; driving momentum/narrative forward -- performative cinema, instead, opens its 'fourth wall' as a gesture 'inviting the viewer in' to be a subjective spectator or 'guest'. Often this suggests that an audience must make their own opinion/judgement as characters 'perform'. Time spent away from narrative impetus, like haptic cinema, forces viewers' attention to remain immersed in a specific moment or sequence of actions. Both documentary-style and performance art are related to performance cinema in that all three styles maintain awareness of the viewer; positioned at the fourth wall space. More notably, performance cinema is not merely 'a recording of an act' since the camera is free to move within the film space without boundary, as long as performers' blocking caters to the fourth wall's position.